This time, we have prepared a collection of engineering tips that will help you solve all your problems. We will show you how to survive during the times, because every girl knows it's a very difficult time. You will learn where to hide sanitary napkins, how to get rid of blood stains, what to do, you do not have any sanitary napkins. You'll find a great idea that will help you if you do not have a bag but need to pack sanitary towels somewhere. You can sew a pocket in your pants. Wondering how to quickly remove blood stains? We have a perfect solution: use hydrogen peroxide. You can make a "hot" sock at home. Fill a sock with cereals. Microwave and put on your abdomen. If you have premenstrual syndrome, you should eat dark chocolate, bananas and drink red wine. Dark chocolate boosts your mood, potassium in bananas reduces water retention and bloating. Discover a collection of bathroom ideas that will change and make your life easier. You will find a convenient way to make a tablet holder with kitchen hooks and you can install a movie theater in your toilet. If you need to close a bathroom door all the time, we know what to do! You can easily make a door closer in 5 minutes! You will need the following supplies: a rope, two-door hooks and a plastic bottle. Watch the tutorial step by step! If the toilets are extremely dirty, use vinegar to clean them. Pour the vinegar into a water tank and rinse. In addition, you can easily clean rust from the toilet using pumice stone.

00: 39 toilet life hacks
02: 28 DIY Tablet Holder
03: 00 DIY Door Closure
05: 53 Life Period
07: 36 What to do with a clogged toilet

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