COMMISSARIAT DU 11ÈME BOROUGH: The men of the Divisional Commissioner Mamoudou DIABATÉ put a gang of thieves under lock and key.

* The film of the event ... *

As part of the fight against serious crime and mass banditry, 05 July 2019, on the basis of information given by a peaceful citizen wishing to remain anonymous, reporting the presence of a group of young boys suspects , who have taken up residence in Kalaban-Coura, near the resort(I.e. Yara, a shock team led by the unshakable Captain Mohamed Lamine COULIBALY, MLC for the intimate went to the indicated place, where six (06) young boys were alpacuted, in possession of two (02) Norinco Automatic Pistols , taking photos and making videos. Conducted at the Office of the Commissioner, they said they named themselves respectively:
1- Soumaïla BARRY alias Ilah, commercial employee, domiciled in Kalaban-Coura (chief of the band).
2- Cheick SOW, commercial employee, domiciled in Faladiè.
3 - Oumar DIARRA alias Yousa, artist, living in Mopti, passing through Bamako.
4- Malick DIALLO, worker, domiciled in Kalaban-Coura.
5 - Ibrahim TRAORÉ alias Apio, commercial employee, domiciled in Baco-Djicoroni Golf;
6- Moctar KOÏTA aka Pichichi, student, living in Kalaban-Coura.

Without stopping, a search revealed:
* A Toyota AURIS brand vehicle, registered BE 8094 ®;
* Two (02) Norinco Automatic Guns;
* Three (03) Jakarta branded motorcycles🛵 ;
* Twenty seven (27) cell phones📱, including six (06) iPhone, nine (09) Samsung, six (06) Tecno, two (02) Nokia, one (01) Huawei, one (01 Hisense, one (01) Mi, and one (01) Alcatel;
* Six (06) computer hard drives;
* One (01) laptop💻 ;
* One (01) digital camera📷 ;
* Three (03) tablets;
* Six (06) computer bags (empty);
Bank cards(I.e.and various objects.

Questioned summarily, the five (05) others declared to be inseparable friends of the famous Soumaïla BARRY, aka Ilah, leader of the gang.

In his interrogation, the latter declared to be a yellow metal merchant and accessories on the Bamako-Kéniéba axis. Through this activity, he established friendly relations with one of his Senegalese clients, answering to the name of Diawando. Then he added that it was through the latter that he rented an apartment, in order to fully enjoy his passages in Bamako, along with his acolytes.

During the last month of Lent, during his stay in Bamako, he took advantage of the movements of Mr. Diawando who returned late at night, to search his bag and seize his laptop.💻, who later claimed to be a specialist in roulette flying, especially in the Niamana area and its surroundings.

However, having taken taste with this first successful test, he ventured into the flight, after a practical training under the supervision of Diawando's Aegis, he founded his own empire, of which he became the emperor, the designer and the planner . Their modus operandi is to take advantage of the inattention or negligence of the victims, to commit their crime.

Continuing, he bluntly admitted to being the author of several operations with his band, including:

- A first case of roulette theft, about the service weapon of a Policeman in Niamana.
- The second case occurred in front of a dibiterie in Faladié, whose booty was: a (01) automatic pistol belonging to a Police des Galons (Sergent-Chef), the body badge and a portable beacon of the Police, all in one bag. After stripping him, he gave up the bag containing a blue-colored outfit and a policeman's belt.
- Speaking of the third case, he confessed to having perpetrated it in Kalaban-Coura ACI, whose booty was a bag containing a laptop 💻 HP-OMEN brand and various objects for modern medicine.
With regard to the fourth operation, he handed Niamana, the bag containing various items and identity papers, on behalf of Mr. Sidiki BAGAYOKO of Niamana.

Continuing his interrogation, on the night of 04 05 / 07 / 2019, he received the visit of his acolytes in his apartment, where he showed them both (02) Norinco Automatic Pistols, stolen to the prejudice of two police. So, they started doing snaps (photos and videos).

Unfortunately for them, the next day 05 / 07 / 2019 around 15 hours, they were unearthed, following a descent carried out by the Head of the Research Brigade of the 6ème arrondissement and its elements, while they continued to do the bamboula and the dolce-vita, in their luxury apartment.

Asked about their recipients, Soumaïla BARRY alias Ilah denounced the named A. DIARRA aka ZIO and BAD (without further details), which are actively sought, in addition to the name Diawando.

Note that the names Soumaïla BARRY alias Ilah, Cheick SOW, Oumar DIARRA alias Yousa, Ibrahim TRAORÉ alias Apio and Moctar KOÏTA alias Pichichi were all brought before the Prosecutor of the Republic, the District Court of District V of the District of Bamako, according to PV N 0273 / 11è A, of 10 July 2019, for the purposes of law.

The police having already accomplished its mission, will this band escape the mesh of the justice, to return to take the breath away the peaceful populations?

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