India: Six accused in lynching case Pehlu Khan acquitted | India News

NEW DELHI: The local court of Alwar of Rajasthan acquitted on Wednesday the six defendants in the lynching case from Pehlu Khan .

Pehlu Khan, his two sons and a few others, were transporting cows from Jaipur to their birthplace in Nuh district, Haryana, after being intercepted and beaten by cow-guards armed with sticks near from Behror in Alwar. district the 1er April 2017. Pehlu died on April 3.

The Behror police station has recorded seven RIPs in this regard - one for Khan's murder and six others for "illegal transport of cattle". The police had already laid charges in all but one case (FIR 253 / 17). The investigation in the last case ended on 30 Dec. 2018, but the indictment was filed in court only on 24 May 2019.

At the August 7, the substitute district judge's court completed the final proceedings and reserved the case for Wednesday. Court proceedings continued on a regular basis after the High Court had transferred the Behror trial to Alwar. More than 40 witnesses, including Khan's two sons who were with him on the day of the incident, testified in the case.

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