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NEW DELHI: In memory of the former Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj as a convinced leader, the prime minister Narendra Modi paid him a glowing tribute and told him that she should be imitated by political workers as someone who stays on the ground even after holding high positions.
"Those who intend to remain members of the party even after assuming important positions can not be better inspired than the life of Sushmaji, who has exercised his duties and tasks with determination and discipline," said the Prime Minister while speaking at the prayer meeting in memory of Swaraj. Swaraj died on August 6.
Referring to his decision not to contest the recent polls from Lok Sabha Modi recalled how Swaraj had agreed to challenge Bellary's 1999 polls, even though the election outcome was obvious. "She had decided not to dispute the results of the polls ... me and Venkaiah Naidu went to meet him. She agreed to challenge once the party asked her, "recalls Modi. Swaraj lost to Congress leader Sonia Gandhi of Bellary in 1999.
The Prime Minister said that Swaraj had turned the Foreign Ministry into a body geared towards "the people's appeal" and reminded her to deliver her first speech at the UN in 2014 from a text prepared and not not speak impromptu.
Modi said that one day before taking the floor, Swaraj inquired about his speech and said he had never written his speeches. "She said," aisa nahi hota hai bhai ". "You have to talk about India to the whole world. You can not talk the way you want. " I was Prime Minister and she was my colleague in charge of the Ministry of External Affairs, "said Modi.

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