How to print an Excel table correctly - Tips

If you already have to print a spreadsheet Excel in the past, then you know that getting a table a little too big on a single sheet is sometimes a miracle. And most of the time, we are left with several printed sheets that must be collected. Not really practical and yet, Excel solves this problem in a few clicks with a few changes in the print scale. A technique that will change your vision of Excel!

How to print your spreadsheet on a single sheet

Start by opening the file you want to print. In the ribbon menu, click on the File tab.

In the window that has just opened, click on the Print button in the side menu bar. You can access it faster with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P. Then, in the page that has just opened, press the Layout link at the very bottom.

A Page Setup dialog box will open. In the first Page tab, which opens by default, tick the Adjust option in the Scale part, while leaving 1 page width on 1 page of hauteur. If your table has more columns than rows, you can ideally choose Landscape in the Orientation section.

Then click on the Margins tab, and ccheck the options horizontally and vertically in the game Center on the page. You can also minimize margins to save space on the print sheet.

Then press OK to return to the Print section. A preview of your document will appear and you will be able to print if you are satisfied with the result.

If fine tuning does not scare you, know that you can also set the layout from the dedicated Layout tab in the Ribbon Menu.

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