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Facing Reims Saturday afternoon, André Villas-Boas had decided to trust Kevin Strootman and Luiz Gustavo in the midfield.

The two players were pretty good in pre-season but against the Champenois at the Velodrome, it is clear that this duo did not work well. Indeed, the Brazilian and the Dutch do not seem complementary and according to Pierre Maturana, André Villas-Boas must quickly stop the costs by sacrificing one or the other from his next composition, in Nantes on Saturday during the second day.

"One has the impression that between Strootman and Gustavo, there is one too many. They cancel each other instead of completing each other, between one who covers and one who projects himself. There they do the same thing, and they hurt it. We love when Gustavo projects, pierces lines, but he does not do anything and takes no initiative " said the chronicler of La Chaîne L'Equipe in comments reported by It remains to be seen what will be the choices of Villas-Boas, which also has Maxime Lopez, Morgan Sanson and Florian Chabrolle in this area of ​​play ...

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