Facebook puts an end to the human review of the user's audio after other companies have done the same

Facebook is now the latest technology giant to put an end to the human review of user audio recordings, following a large number of Google companies to Amazon and Apple also under fire from critics in recent weeks to human examination of audio data collected by users.

In the case of Facebook, the company acknowledged Tuesday that it had suspended the practice earlier this month after these other companies began to draw attention to virtually the same thing. That's what Bloomberg reports that Facebook was paying to third parties of the contractors for the transcription of the sound of users who had let transcribe their discussions.

problematic, as Facebook's policies do not seem to indicate clearly, in easy-to-understand language, that users' audio data is collected or reviewed by third parties. Some subcontractors were also worried about this practice because users did not seem to know that they would listen to their recordings. Even in this case, the position of Facebook according to Bloomberg is that users have "accepted" this practice, Facebook can collect audio in different ways, including its intelligent speaker and its autonomous mode. Messenger application.

This news does not come at a convenient time for the social networking giant, as last month it had agreed to pay a fine of 5 billion to settle a Federal Trade Commission inquiry into how Facebook deals with user data.

It also comes just days after Microsoft's subcontractors listened to the user's sound via Skype and Cortana, as we mentioned here although the company pointed out that records are not users. identifiable. Meanwhile, Amazon now allows users to unsubscribe from the human review of Alexa audio recordings, while Apple has completely suspended its program, which included a human review of conversations between users and its Siri digital assistant.

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