Afro basketball 2019: the Lionesses humiliated by the Lady Tigers

Cameroonians have bowed heavily to Nigeria, 13 August 106 against 39 ARENA Dakar in Senegal.

The good performance of the AMINA NJONKOU 16 points, 8 rebounds, 2 interceptions and a decisive pass was not enough to stop Lady Tigers jealous of their title.

An affirmed superiority

The Nigerian women and women champions defeated the Indomitable Lionesses from the start of the game. Indomitable Lionesses totally lost, facing a tough opponent, experienced and very clever in his various actions. Results of the Races, 4 quarter-time in favor of Nigeria: 27-21 in the first, 16-28 in the second, 10-23 in the third and the 4ème, the most humiliating, 6-34. Amina Njonkou can not find an excuse:

Amina Njonkou, back and captain

"We were ridiculous. Frankly, we did not play at all, we were attacked by Nigeria. The coaches had warned us. They told us, they will be aggressive, they will go on the passing lines, they will go to the rebound and we did the opposite of what the coaches gave us as instructions. The result is there, we played very badly.

The Lionesses still hope

NATOSHA CUMMINGS, coach of Lionesses Basketball

They are always looking for the first ever gold medal, the Indomitable Lionesses of the Orange Ball. Their coach, the American NATOSHA CUMMINGS could also seize the ball to mark his presence. The Lionesses are aware of this, Captain AMINA NJONKOU sees a brilliant future for the team in the rest of the competition: "We will use the fact that we have been ridiculed to show a better face and after trying to win for go a little further.

The following…

The Afro Basketball Ladies 2019 debuted the 10 last August in Dakar Senegal and ends the 18 next August. Outsider parts of the competition, Cameroon was second in Pool B. The Indomitable Lionesses defeat the Egyptian pharaohs this August 14 for a place in the quarter-finals. An opportunity to do better than in 2017, Mali, where they were satisfied with the 8 place. The meeting takes place at 17H 30, Cameroon time.

Odeline Stella MOUAZAN

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