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NEW DELHI: The daring airstrikes before dawn on the site from Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Balakot and the ensuing skirmish between Indian and Pakistani fighters has raised a dozen medals for the FIA. Independence Day with the Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman leading the pack with a Vir Chakra the third highest medal of bravery awarded during the war or "in the face of the enemy".
In the list of Independence honors, Sapper Prakash Jadhav (posthumous) of the Army Rashtirya Rifles (RR) and the Deputy Commander of the CRPF, Harshpal Singh, was awarded the Kirti Chakra, the second high reward of peace time bravery for the "Beirut Conspic". call of duty "during violent encounters with terrorists of Jammu and Kashmir . There were also Shaurya's 14 Chakras on the list, eight from the army, one from the Navy, two from the CRPF and three from the police.
Aside from Wing Commander Varthaman, the IAF's gallantry list included Vayu Sena medals for the five Mirage-2000 pilots who managed to hit JeM's facilities with Spice-2000 penetration bombs after crossing the control line in the early hours of February 26.
They are Wing Commander Pranav Raj, Squadron Leaders Rahul Basoya, Pankaj Arvind Bhujade, B. Karthik Narayan Reddy and Shashank Singh. Group Captain Saumitra Tamaskar, commander of Jaguar Squadron, who was also part of the mission as a whole, was also awarded the Vayu Sena (Bravery) medal. According to the IAF, the penetration warheads hit five of the six "designated average impact points" on the buildings of the JeM facility in order to obtain a "complete and total strategic surprise".
A female ground-based fighter controller, Squadron Leader Minty Aggarwal, who demonstrated exceptional vigilance and presence to guide the IAF fighters in the race to intercept the "strike package" Pakistani intruding jets a day after the Balakot airstrikes, in turn, received the Yudh Seva Medal for its "distinguished services" in wartime. Four other IAF officers who participated in the Balakot strike planning process also received the same medal.
Squadron Leader Aggarwal, stationed at a central radar in Barnala, constantly updates IAF fighters during air combat, alerting them to the presence of F-16 armed with medium-range air-to-air missiles of type AIM-120C. (AMRAAMs).
In the air skirmish, as three to four Pakistani planes invaded Indian airspace for a distance of six to seven kilometers, Wing Commander Varthaman, in his former MiG-21, shot a much more advanced F-16 at using an R-73 missile. Before he himself was shot, captured by Pak's army, and later released on 1 on March 1, Varthaman became famous with images showing that he was showing a brave front in captivity in Pakistan. his spinal cord injuries and will soon be flying in a fighter jet after undergoing the mandatory ground tests for flight and emergency drills, flight checks and procedures.
The Shaurya Chakras were awarded posthumously to Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal (Engineers / RR), Lance Naik Sandeep Singh (Special Forces), Sepoy Brajesh Kumar (Punjab Regiment / RR), Sepoy Hari Singh (Grenadiers / RR Rifleman Shive Kumar (JAKLI / RR) and Ashiq Hussain Malik (Special Police Officer, J & K).
The other recipients of Shaurya Chakra are Lieutenant-Colonel Ajay Singh Kushwah (J & K / RR rifles), Captain Mahesh Kumar Bhure (Engineers / RR), Rifleman Ajveer Singh Chauhan (Garhwal Rifles), Amit Singh Rana (Navy) , Sand constable. Dneshwaryan Shriram (CRPF), Police Officer Zaker Hussian (CRPF) and Chief Constable Subash Chander (J & K).

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