The Witcher: The childhood of Geralt de Riv will be traced in the Netflix series

Comedian Tristan Ruggeri will perform a young Geralt in the television series The Witcher scheduled for the end of the year.

If Henry Cavill will embody the famous witcher of novels by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski in his adult version, Tristan Ruggeri will be the child version of the professional monster killer with supernatural abilities. The TV series The Witcher of the US platform Netflix should focus on the childhood of Geralt de Riv from the beginning of the first season or during some sequences with flashbacks.

The childhood of Geralt de Riv in The Witcher

The son of the magician, druid and healer Visenna, and knight Korin, Geralt was sent from a very young age to Kaer Morhen (a former fortress and wolf school) to become a witcher by following Vesemir's training. He will quickly acquire almost superhuman physical and mental abilities by submitting to the herbal test of ingesting special alchemic ingredients (only four to ten apprentices would survive the many mutations). The white color of Geralt's hair would be a consequence of this famous test for young witch apprentices. After years of learning, Geralt of Riv go on an adventure to become a hitman of monsters and sell his services to the highest bidder.

The Witcher series in video

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