The FAMa on all the main actions in combat in the Gourma

The FAMa ensured a better knowledge of the enemy through information obtained in the field. The FAMa have, during the duration of this operation, all the main actions. This complementarity constitutes the purpose of the operational military partnership. She is proving her effectiveness.

FAMa, an essential component to any operation in the Gourma

The Malian military and their French innovate, says Captain Guillaume. They created a contingency Recognition and Intervention Platoon (PRI). This PRI is composed of French and Malian vehicles.

It works. The same applies to search, raking or zone control actions. The two sections of Captain Zambé of the Malian army spared no effort in the N'Daki ​​region. The purpose of the PMO is the fight on the ground. And in this fight, we want to be at the forefront, concludes the Malian officer.

As a reminder, the operation Barkhane was launched on 1er August 2014. It is based on a strategic approach based on a logic of partnership with the main countries of the Sahelo-Saharan Band (BSS).

It brings together about 4 500 military whose mission is to fight against armed terrorist groups and to support the armed forces of the partner countries so that they can take into account this threat.

Malian Armed Forces

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