The bear invades his home, flouts "like the Kool-Aid Man" when the police arrive - BGR

Spotting a bear on a hiking trail or wandering in your rural backyard can be somewhat scary, but most of the time, they would just assume to ignore your presence. A family in Estes Park, Colorado, recently met a bear who did not only want to rent a room, but apparently also wanted to rent a room.

According to the local Fox station the KDVR reports the invader living on all fours was determined to occupy a whole local home and finally succeeded. The police were then summoned to resolve the situation. When the fuzz arrived, the bear made a spectacular escape by sneaking through a wall, making comparisons with the iconic Kool-Aid Man.

The incident was also reported on the Facebook page of the Estes Park Police Department, which offers some additional details.

A brief investigation concludes that the bear was initially attracted to the house because of the smell of garbage, which is a common attraction for bears looking for a free meal. The creature exploded in the ground floor of the house and was spotted by a neighbor who immediately contacted the owners.

The bear was not fighting and the police arrived. She then decided that the fastest way out of the house was from the wall, causing a lot of damage in her wake.

Wildlife protection officials recommend that garbage containers not be left open in areas where bears move, and homeowners are advised to take steps to prevent the smell of garbage or potential sources of litter. food from the house, especially at night.

Bears are intelligent animals and they can usually find a way to get into a house if they make enough effort. The best security measure is to make sure they have no interest in getting in.

Image Source: Estes Park Police Department

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