India: No reopening of NRC process now, says Supreme Court | India News

NEW DELHI: The process of implementing the National Register of Citizens for the Assam and the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court Tuesday decided to reject Tuesday's registration requests additional parameters to determine who can be qualified Indian citizen in the state.
The seat of the Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Judge RF Nariman also orders the establishment of a regime to protect the data relating to NRC .
The court ruling that excludes the request for extension of the criteria for identification of citizens is part of the protests of many groups against the alleged exclusion of "real" citizens from the list of citizens. Leaders of minority groups such as the AUDF and the Assam Minority Students Union claimed that lakhs of Muslim citizens were excluded on "fragile" grounds.
On the other hand, the BJP government has complained about massive corruption in the workforce, which has left real excluded citizens while foreigners have been certified as eligible. They supported their claim by pointing out that districts flooded by "illegal infiltrators" of Bangladesh had fewer exclusions than those less affected by the influx.
With respect to the data protection regime, CJI Gogoi and Judge Nariman said: "With regard to the NRC Data Protection Coordinator, we request that an appropriate regime be put in place. in place for: lines similar to the security scheme for Aadhaar data. Only then will the list of inclusions and exclusions be made available to the state, central and registrar governments. General from India ".
The court stated that only paper copies of the additional list of inclusions would be published in NRC Seva centers, district offices and district magistrates' offices. "We are also asking that the list of exclusions be published only the August 31 online and by family, the August 31," said the bench.

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