How to copy folders on Google Drive

Si Google DriveGoogle's online storage solution has a lot of qualities, it also has small defects that can quickly be annoying. So if you need to copy a Google Drive folder from a web browser, the task can be rather painful.

However, there is a solution to work around the problem on the Web versionbut you can also use the desktop application to simplify things even more.

Create a folder copy on the Google Drive web version

In reality, the web version of Google Drive does not offer the ability to directly copy a fileSo you will have to be cunning. Go to the folder you want to copy and select all the files. To go faster, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + A On Windows or Command + A on Mac. Right click then click Make a copy.

Google Drive will then create a duplicate of each selected file in the same folder, with the mention "Copy of" preceding the name of each newly created file. Now select the copies of the files, then right-click and select the Move To option.

Then choose the directory in which you want to copy the folder, and then click on the New folder icon in the lower left corner from the small window that opened. Enter the name of the new folder, validate it and finally click Destination in the window that appears. Your copies of files will then be moved to the new folder.

Create a folder copy with Backup and Sync

Backup and Synchronization is a Google tool that allows you to sync your Google Drive documents - as well as Google Photos - with your personal computer. If you do not have it yet, you can download it for free on Mac and PC. This tool provides access to Google Drive files directly from the system's file browser.

Once downloaded, Backup and Synchronization will create a dedicated folder on your hard drive and sync all content on your Google Drive. This step passed, you can then copy and paste a folder as a normal folder on your hard drive.

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