Discover 5 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs to Start the Day

Meditation Wake up meditation is very important for an entrepreneur who wants to make a success of his day. It is a moment of intimacy with oneself. Taking 10 at 15 minutes each morning to feed one's mind is paramount for success. A little exercise Successful entrepreneurs take 30 each morning at 40 minutes to do physical exercises. To start well the day, the body needs several hormones that hide in the physical exercises. Among the essential hormones to get the day off to a good start, we have endorphin, which is a true hormone of well - being, because it is both an anti - stress and an anti - pain. Physical exercise also allows the secretion of dopamine which helps to resist fatigue. Another hormone that secretes sport is adrenaline. This hormone makes it possible to realize the exploits. Breakfast All nutrition experts agree that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. To start a day well, the entrepreneur must have a good breakfast consisting of milk, cereals and especially fruits and vegetables. Establish a list of priorities (to-do list) The success of a day begins with a good organization. The entrepreneur, every morning, must list the priority actions to be carried out during the day. Once the to - do list is established, the contractor must start with the most difficult tasks. Set achievable goals The successful entrepreneur is the one who knows how to achieve his goals. So, it is important for the entrepreneur from the beginning of the day to set achievable goals, as it is counterproductive to set goals that are impossible to achieve. WordPress: I like loading ... Similar items

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