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After many speculations, Viacom and CBS are reunited again after 13 years apart. In the early afternoon, the two media companies officially announced their intention to merge into a new company called ViacomCBS. Once the merger is formalized, Viacom's chief executive, Bob Bakish, will lead the company.

"CBS and Viacom are an important day today as we combine our strengths and complementary capabilities to become one of the few companies Bakish said in a press release

"Our unique ability to produce quality and popular content for a large-scale global audience - for ours The platforms and our partners around the world will allow us to maximize our business today while positioning ourselves for the years to come. to come, "added Bakish.

Indeed, the new merger gives a business with an impressive list of media properties under its umbrella, including Showtime, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, and more. In addition, ViacomCBS now offers a catalog of more than 140 000 TV episodes and 3 600 movies, including list titles like Star Trek et Impossible mission .

To give you an idea Regarding the size of the new company, the press release points out that Viacom and CBS have spent 13 billions of dollars over the last 12 months for content. The press release outlines the company's three-part growth strategy, as follows:

  1. Accelerate the strategy of direct communication with the consumer. Together, the combined company will be able to accelerate and expand its outreach to consumers through its diversified and proven portfolio of offerings, both subscription and ad. This includes CBS All Access and Showtime, which deliver premium content, live and on demand, to millions of subscribers; Pluto TV, the first free streaming TV service in the United States. and niche products such as CBSN, ET Live and Noggin. It also has the opportunity to grow globally by leveraging its strengths in subscription-based offerings and ad-supported offerings, combined libraries, content production capabilities and international infrastructure. . The breadth and depth of the combined company's reach on traditional and new platforms - including 22% of US viewers - will generate significant new distribution and advertising opportunities. For distributors, this means building broader and more multifaceted relationships and applying the benefits of retransmission consent to a combined portfolio. For advertisers and agencies, the merged company will offer industry-leading reach in a variety of formats, including a portfolio of differentiated advanced marketing and advertising solutions, such as CBS Interactive, Viacom Vantage and Viacom Velocity, which will be applied to significant and extensive solutions. inventory of the entire portfolio.
  2. Create a producer and licensor of quality content on third-party platforms around the world. As one of the largest premium content providers in the world, the merged company is well positioned to deliver content to a diverse global audience including MVPDs, broadcast and cable networks, subscription-based broadcast services and streaming, mobile service providers and social platforms. Notably, in addition to the content license, CBS and Viacom are developing programs that must be monitored for a wide range of third-party networks and platforms to meet significant demand for original premium content.

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