Heart of the Middleton family: Kate's brother, James, says dogs have saved him from depression

James, 32 years old, is one of Kate's two siblings, 37, and has highlighted the role that animals can play in helping to control and elevate mental disorders. health problems. He told the London Evening Standard and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home about his special relationship with Ella, his spaniel, who, he said, helped him with his therapy. The contractor said, "Deep down, I know how much the dogs helped me. I find it easier to talk to dogs than I do sometimes with humans. "

He said there was "simplicity" for animals, and that dogs in particular helped "suppress inhibitions" and encourage people to communicate. [19659004] He added, "By just putting dogs in the right places in hospitals and mental health centers, you really succeed because people are talking about the dog and you have conversations.

"I know it can work - so Ella has come. to all my therapy sessions with me and that's why I'm so supportive and want to do more myself. "

James, whose other sister is Pippa - married to James Matthews - has three other dogs called Zulu, Inka and Luna.

James Middleton opened debate on his heartbreaking battle against depression (Image: GETTY)


James and his sister Pippa (Image: GETTY)

Mabel is a golden retriever and the last

He has already raised dogs in the past, Mabel descending from Middleton's childhood dog, named Tilly.

She and Ella were both well-trained therapy dogs.

James has also said since. he revealed his fight against depression, "thousands" of people have come forward to offer their support.

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James, 32 years old, is one of Kate's two siblings, 37 (Image: GETTY)


James had previously called his mind the disease is a "cancer of the mind" (Image: GETTY)


James has a special relationship with his dogs (Imag e: INSTAGRAM)

He stated that if he found out, he would donate to the charity.

The message collected 30 000 "I like" after giving his gift if the post receives 15 000.

He received a message "In the 72 hours and the bike was found.

He also donated it to a charity to help less mobile dogs.


James and Pippa Middleton are Kate's brothers and sisters. (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

{% = o.title%} [19659040] James had previously described his mental illness as "cancer of the mind" and added that because of his depression he had retired from family and friends .

In a Daily Mail article, Mr. Middleton explained how he felt "complete failure" and had a hard time doing it, even though Many tasks, such as opening e-mails or contacting those he likes, more.

He says he has to talk openly about his mental health, because that's exactly what his sister Kate, 37, and his brother-in-law Prince William, 36, are championing through their health charity mental, Heads Together.

He said his fight against depression started in 2016.

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