Summer 2018: our series guide to start or resume


Colony, Humans, Luke Cage and many other series come back this summer for new seasons, while new shows are also present. Follow the guide.

Yes, summer is the perfect time to launch all the shows on your ever-growing list of shows to catch up with. But, pity, the chains do not stop not to broadcast new seasons or even new series during this period. Here is our summer guide of what will happen in the coming months, from May to August more exactly. Like all our previous guides, it will not be an absolutely complete list, but rather a broad selection a subjective strand. Likewise, updates and additions will be regularly featured throughout the channel and service announcements.

James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction - April 30 on AMC

Through 6 episodes and involving many celebrities, the AMC series / documentary will return to the origins of the genre of science fiction and many questions posed. Probably a must-attend show for fans of the genre. And James Cameron.

Our quick review on the first episode : centered on the aliens, the first episode is really very interesting if the subject interests you, thanks to many prestigious guests and many references and anecdotes on many works. Be careful though, the show spoils shamelessly the elements of the classics of which it speaks.

Colony (3 Season) - May 2 on USA Network

After having sympathetically laid the groundwork for the 1 season, Colony has truly proven itself in the 2 season and it remains to be hoped that this 3 season will continue on this excellent track. In any case the trailer makes you want to believe it.

Cobra Kai (1 Season) - May 2 on YouTube Red

This suite of Karate Kid 30 years after has all the wrong idea, but it will be necessary to wait for the diffusion of its 10 episodes of 30 minutes on YouTube Red to have the net heart.

The Rain (1 season) - the May 4 on Netflix

In the family "original Netflix series from a non-English speaking country" I would like to ... The Rain. Coming from Denmark, this post-apocalyptic show should hopefully make you want to stay locked up in your home despite the summer's arrival outside.

Our quick review after the first season: Yesh. If this Netflix series is not bad in itself, it still lacks a lot of real interest and originality to be recommended beyond its changing framework. So yes she looks at herself quickly, but that's not a reason, you probably have better things to see.

Humans (3 Season) - the 17 May / June 5 on Channel 4 / AMC

In its two previous seasons, the American-British remake of Real Humans proved his interest and showed many qualities. So we can not wait to see the 3 season, simply.

Trollhunters (3 season) - the May 25 on Netflix

Maybe as we expect you especially the next animated series of the extended universe Tales from Arcadia of Guillermo del Toro on Netflix, but before that there will be an 3th season of Troll Hunter.

Impulse (1 Season) - June 6 on YouTube Red

Spin-off of the film jumper, Impulse is interested in teenager Henrietta who, after being assaulted by a classmate, will discover the ability to teleport. A power that will unsurprisingly change his daily life.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger (1 season) - June 8 on Freeform

To believe the subject and the trailer of Cloak & Dagger, the main target of the first Marvel series signed Freeform (and available from us on Amazon Prime) will be teenagers. The show should not please everyone, but we are never immune to a miracle.

Our opinion after 2 episodes: Marvel's Cloak and Dagger: Our Surprisingly Positive Review After 2 Episodes

Voltron: Legendary Defender (6 Season) - June 15 on Netflix


Row in the category "children's series" by Netflix, Voltron also for older children. The proof, see you soon 30 years I can not wait to see what the 6 season of this excellent cartoon holds.

12 Monkeys (4 Season) - June 15 on Syfy

The last season of 12 Monkeys will be aired on only 4 weeks on Syfy. A decision that should allow fans not to have too much to wait between episodes.

Yellowstone (1 Season) - June 20 on Paramount Network

If you liked Hitman ou Hell or High Water you will most likely like Yellowstone with Kevin Costner, where a family from Montana, who owns the largest ranch in the United States, is fighting for his land not to be encroached upon.

Marvel's Luke Cage (2 Season) - June 22 on Netflix

As an absolute personal, I loved the first half of Luke Cage, before the scenario explodes in flight and finally offers a very average series. Hopefully the 2 season will be better, but with the presence of Iron Fist in the casting nothing is won.

Preacher (3 season) - June 24 on AMC

After a slow 1 season, Preacher was pleased in season 2 by offering some of the best episodes of 2017 all series. Let's hope that the 3 season, broadcast by us on OCS, will follow the same path.

Killjoys (4 season) - the July 10 on Syfy

While his summer comrade Dark Matter was sadly canceled by Syfy, Killjoys it will continue for one season 4, and even 5ème in 2019, which will be the last one.

Attack on Titan (3 season) - the July 22 on Wakanim

She will have taken her time, but the 3 season of Attack on Titan will finally arrive this summer, and this time with 24 episodes story to be forgiven.

Castle Rock (1 season) - the July 25 on Hulu

The exact arrival date of Castle Rock, a new Hulu series based on the many works of Stephen King, is not accurate. But hopefully it will come out well in the next few months.

Better Call Saul (4 Season) - August 6 on AMC / Netflix


AMC will launch the broadcast of the 4 season of the spin-off of Breaking Bad. early August, while unless evidence to the contrary Netflix will propose the episodes in the wake as in previous years.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (1 Season) - The August 31 on Amazon Prime Video

Already renewed for an 2 season, the new (new new ...) version of the famous character of Jack Ryan worn this time by John Krasinski will arrive at the very end of the summer. We will be at the rendezvous.

Our opinion after the 1 season: Jack Ryan: our opinion on a series of action Amazon effective but predictable

Ozark (2 season) - the August 31 on Netflix


Often compared to Breaking Bad., the first season of Ozark was a great surprise last summer on Netflix. Will the 2 season transform the test? Answer soon.

The Man in the High Castle (3 season) - ?? on Prime Video

After a first glimpse many months ago, at the time of writing these lines Amazon is totally dead regarding the 3 season of The Man in the High Castle. We are trying here to stay optimistic with a release this summer, but nothing is less certain.

House of Cards (6 season) - ?? on Netflix

After the case around Kevin Spacey and his removal from the series, the 6th and ultimate season of House of Cards will be shorter than the previous ones and will focus on the character of Claire Underwood. No doubt that Robin Wright will brilliantly bring the latest episodes of the show.

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