Girl in the countryside: How to tell if a woman grew up in a rural area

The city, with its active life and hectic pace, is the exact opposite of rural peace without haste, where you do everything slowly and perfectly. The environment has a drastic impact on the character of the people who live there. And each locality has its own particularities.

Girl in the countryside: How to tell if a woman grew up in a rural areaPeter Titmuss /

Living in an ecologically clean place campaignsfar from annoying commercials, and eating natural food makes the locals more warm and calm. You can also differentiate them by their appearance, their clothing and their behavior. As a rule, they do not have the luster that shines the girls in the city.

Girls in small towns do not always know how to dress in style or make up perfectly because there are no experts in this field in their world.

They can :

  • Wear tights and sandals in the summer;
  • buy the same dress as their friend;
  • wear a lot of jewelry at a time;
  • maintain good relationships with their childhood friends;
  • change of focus after spending a weekend at home in the country.

The style and manner of girls in small towns may seem unusual at first. But they have a great feature - they adapt to all the tricks of fashion very quickly. And after only a year or two, you will not be able to distinguish them from the fashionistas of the city.

But again, many city dwellers come from villages themselves. That is why we should not judge those who have exchanged the tranquility of the fields against the urban tumult. They have not yet shown everyone what they are worth!

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