A woman has suffered an unknown disease for 10 years, workers discover she was poisoned

Modern medicine may be very advanced, but that does not mean that doctors have the answers to everything. Many patients are misdiagnosed and some of them disconcert professionals with their mysterious symptoms.

A woman has suffered an unknown disease for 10 years, workers discover she was poisonedBranislav Nenin / Shutterstock.com

People can spend months and even years without knowing what's wrong with them. Kathi Wilson, 41, from Indiana, was one of them.

A mysterious disease

During 10's long years, Kathi Wilson suffered from an illness that made her feel extremely tired. The young woman of 41 years could not walk properly, she had to even use a cane.

Her symptoms, which included muscle pain and discomfort, were getting worse over time and no one had any idea what was wrong with her.

Wilson's doctor was perplexed because he could not understand why his patient was feeling so sick. Kathi tried many medications, but nothing helped. She was ready to give up until a team of homebuilders saved her life.

The workers, who were hired to renovate the woman's bathroom, discovered that the boiler and water heater in her house had not been properly installed. This resulted in a slight leak of carbon monoxide.

I continue to spread the word. I never want to see someone live what my family and I have lived. My symptoms were not limited to those of a flu. I struggled with tremors, convulsions, stomach spasms, leg spasms, lack of coordination and balance, my memory failed, and I always felt like a fog Confused, dizzy, light-headed, and this list could go on for days. It was not just a carbon monoxide leak, but also a natural gas leak. Exposure to both can cause nakedness ... See more

The clear, odorless gas, which has the reputation of being a silent killer, had slowly poisoned Wilson. After the workers have solved the problem, Kathi has returned to a normal life and now she is happy, healthy and full of energy.

How to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Be sure to have your home heating system checked regularly by a professional. Do not use charcoal grill, oven or gas stove for heating.

A woman has suffered an unknown disease for 10 years, workers discover she was poisonedRalf Geithe / Shutterstock.com

Be aware of symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which include dizziness, nausea, headache, fatigue, drowsiness, and vomiting. If these symptoms occur, get out as soon as possible and call the emergency room.

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