Meghan Markle diet: What drink does the good duchess prefer to English tea?

Meghan Markle 37 years, forged its status as a style icon by becoming the first guest editor of the British magazine Vogue. The Duchess marked the fashion magazine by choosing to feature 15 "pioneering women" In front page. In a free article on the drafting process Meghan revealed some surprising points, including a health tip.

While appearing on the cover of British Vogue is a royal tradition - Kate and Duchess of Cambridge and Diana did it, Meghan denied the opportunity to have an even greater impact.

Meghan was not immediately offered the chance to be invited to fashion, but approached the editor, Edward Enninful, with the idea herself.

In her introduction to the September edition of, Meghan explained how afraid she was of asking Mr. Enninful, but in the end, she had paid off.

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Meghan Markle Diet: What drink is it beneficial to the health of the duchess drink tea? (Image: GETTY)

The Duchess wrote, "Edward ... instead of doing the cover, would you like me to be able to edit your September issue?"

"(I know how important the September issue is to the fashion industry.) I understand the scope and see the opportunity to be part of the fashion effort to make something bigger. , more kind and more percussive.

the editor-in-chief, whom I had just met, to try my luck.) -I sent the text. "

Fortunately for Meghan, Mr. Enninful was only happy to collaborate with her, having already stuck on a hot drink.

Diet of Meghan Markle

Diet Meghan Markle: Meghan put his stamp on fashion (Image: PETER LINDBERGH)

Meghan Markle Diet

Meghan Markle Diet: Meghan asked to be asked to edit rather than appear on the cover (Image: @SussexRoyal)

Meghan is a member of the British royal family, but it seems she prefers herbal infusions to English breakfast. [19659004] In her introduction to Vogue, the Duchess revealed that she and Mr. Enninful had banded together around a steaming cup on mint tea.

Meghan wrote: "On a steaming cup of mint tea, we explained how we can shed light in a world with seemingly daily darkness. High? Of course. Is it worth it? Without a doubt. "

The reference to mint tea is not the only indication of Meghan's diet ahead of the Vogue special issue.

It has long been thought that Meghan was following a vegan diet herbal, but recently revealed the opposite.

Diet of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle diet: Meghan talks with Michelle Obama about chicken tacos (Image: GETTY)

One of the highlights of the Vogue issue is a conversation between the Duchess and former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Meghan revealed that she had sought Ms. Obama's help for the project at a "chicken tacos" lunch.

She said, "So after a causal lunch of chicken tacos and my ever-growing hump, I asked Michelle if she would help me with this secret project. "

It seems that Meghan may not be the strict vegan supposed, but rather a "flexitarianism".

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