A malnourished teenager weighing 25 kg undergoes a remarkable transformation and regains health through bodybuilding

Nicola King carries the crown of the most beautiful body transformation of the British Pure Elite Championship, but that possibility would not have crossed his mind six years ago.

Nicola, who has always been naturally thin in her childhood, had a normal appetite, but when she began to experience anger problems and mood swings, she began to dislike her appearance and did not want to do anything. size 10.

Teenager, Nicola has long struggled against anorexia, and this, from the age of 16 years. She started counting calories and was stuck in the cycle of illness.

For six weeks in a row, Nicola did not eat or drink anything, not even water. Her hair started to fall and she stopped having her period.

It had become so serious that she lost a lot of weight and weighed only 25 kilos.

Fortunately, a miracle occurred when she was admitted to the hospital and fed by tube.

Confiding in Daily MailNicola said that his body was dying out and that the doctors had already told him to say goodbye to his parents because he was unlikely to get away with it.

After the experience at the hospital, Nicola was determined to do better for herself. She never wanted to feel that, and she went abroad.

She first flew to Mexico, before going to the United States and Greece. Nicola later landed in Cornwall and Ireland, and that's when his journey to the bodybuilding world began.

Now, Nicola is completely metamorphosed! With the support of her family and changes to her lifestyle, the young 24 is a much better person.

She weighs about 50 kg and eats more healthily. She can also lift 40 kg at the gym.

Speaking of how she feels now, Nicola said:

It's my therapy and my escape, and it's a liberating feeling to push your body to the extreme, but in a positive and healthy way. The road has been very long, but for the first time I am proud of myself. Without my family and my bodybuilding, I do not know if I would still be there.

We are glad that Nicola did something to change before it was too late. Let's hope that his story inspires others in his case to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to ensure their well-being.

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