Moise Kean celebrates in front of Cagliari fans who assaulted him during the match - VIDEO

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LONDON - Yaya Toure said Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci and manager Massimiliano Allegri were "a shame" for criticizing attacker Moise Kean's face of racist abuse by Cagliari fans.

Kean celebrated his goal at the 85e minute of Tuesday's Serie A match at the Sardegna Arena, standing in front of Cagliari fans, arms outstretched, after enduring monkey singing in the stands.

Teammate Bonucci and coach Allegri criticized the game after the match. Touré, speaking at a round table on Wednesday at the UEFA Equality Conference, said: "For me, it's a shame. You can not do that.

"It was incredible. A teammate, a manager saying, "You should not have done this" to one of your own players.

"I think this is the worst scenario we can have in football. Your teammate's attacking you, saying things like that, is amazing. I can not imagine how hurt he was when he saw that. "

Bonucci seemed to be pushing Kean back to the central circle after the goal and after the 2-0 victory, was critical of the fans' vocals and Kean's reaction. Allegri, after condemning "one or two idiots" in the crowd of Cagliari, added that Kean should "avoid certain gestures".

Toure, who has been the victim of racist abuse at different points in his career, began his speech Wednesday by asking, "I want to know if the Italian federation is here today?"

When it was confirmed that representatives of the Italian federation were present, he added: "I want to see what the Italian federation will do about it. That's very important because that's why we fight. I want to see what the answer is. "

When asked if players had to leave the field as a result of racist abuse, Toure added, "Yes, absolutely. When this kind of thing happens, we have to send a message, not only to the fans, but also to the leaders.

"We have to do something because we are tired of always coming back to the same problem. As long as the people in the stands, the government and the top do not decide anything, it will happen anyway. What are we going to do? Continue coming here and talk, and talk, without doing anything?

"I hope something is going to be done right as soon as possible."

Bonucci's comments have been strongly condemned on social media and in the world of football. Raheem Sterling, the English international, posted on Instagram: "All you can do now is laugh."

Sterling was subjected to racist abuse by Montenegro fans during England's Podgorica qualifier against Euro 2020, which led to a UEFA accusation.

Later Wednesday, Bonucci posted an article on Instagram that included a picture of himself and Kean with the following comment: "Anyway, anyway ... No to racism."

Immediately after the match, Kean posted a photo of his celebration on Instagram, with the caption: "The best way to react to racism".

And Marseille striker Mario Balotelli, a Bonucci teammate with Italy, responded to the photo by saying: "And tell Bonucci he's lucky I'm not here. Instead of defending yourself, does he? I am in shock, I swear. I love you, my brother."

A representative of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) stood up to address the panel at Wembley after feeling compelled to respond to the Kean incident.

Clarifying that FIGC President Michele Uva was unable to attend the conference due to a meeting of the Federal Council in Rome, the spokeswoman said: "Of course, we are sorry for what happened last night. Unfortunately, our CEO is not there but better to tackle this problem "

ESPN FC has contacted Juventus, Kean and Bonucci for comments.


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