Camilla, birthday of the Duchess of Cornwall: How old is Camilla? Is she older than Charles?

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall today celebrates his birthday. Camilla got married to the royal family in 2005 when she said "I want it" to Prince Charles . The couple is currently on a three-day visit to Devon and Cornwall, where Camilla will celebrate her birthday.

How old is Camilla today?

The Duchess of Cornwall today celebrates her Xth birthday.

than Prince Charles?

Yes. Camilla has 16 more months than her husband, Prince Charles.

Camilla was born on the 17 July 1947 and the Prince of Wales the following year, the November 14 1948.

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Anniversary of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall: the duchess has today 72 years (Image: GETTY) [19659011] How will Camilla celebrate her birthday?

Camilla and Charles will travel to Cullompton and Exmoor National Park on the Duchess's birthday.

The Prince of Wales will also visit the headquarters of Gregory Distribution Ltd to celebrate 100 years.

Camilla will probably not participate in this commitment.

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornouas birthday

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Anniversary: ​​Charles and Camilla will spend the day together (Image: GETTY)

However, they will both participate in a celebration of the National Parks Act and access to the countryside at a large picnic in Exmoor National Park.

Exmoor is home to an amazing and varied wildlife. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall can enjoy a view of the park's spectacular moors, rich oak woods, crystal-clear waterways and a spectacular coastline to celebrate.

The duchess could also spot a wide range of species, such as the majestic red deer, elusive otters and some of the rarest butterflies and bats in the UK.

Camilla was also at the official royal functions. for his birthday last year.

Anniversary of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

Anniversary of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla visits Devon and Cornwall (Image: GETTY)

Camilla an d Charles made a trip to the Scilly Islands, where they opened a refitted wharf, ate a few local worms and met community groups.

They also met the Smart Islands Partnership program, a group that wants to "provide smart solutions for energy, waste, water and sewer services".

The event was a stark contrast to Camilla's 70e birthday in 2017, when Charles hosted a big party in his Highgrove home to mark this landmark event.

list of studded guests, with the likes of Dame Maggie Smith and Joanna Lumley present.

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