India: 1.17 Lakh People Declared as Aliens by Assam Courts | India News

NEW DELHI: A total of 1,17 lakh people have been declared aliens by the courts set up in Assam until March this year, said Tuesday the State Minister of Union for the House, G Kishan Reddy.
At present, 100 courts for foreigners are operational in different districts of Assam, said Reddy.
"Until 31 March 2019, a total of 1,17 164 people have been declared aliens by courts," he said in an answer to a written question from Congressman Abdul Khaleque.
Reddy stated that the marking of 'D' voters was not done by the FTs and that the number of cases settled by them varied from month to month and from court to court.
He stated that the courts functioned according to the procedure established by 1964's Aliens Court (Ordinance).
According to an order of the Supreme Court of 17 December 2014, a special court of the High Court of Gauhati is regularly monitor the operation of the FT.
"A person who is not satisfied with FT's opinion has the right to go to higher courts. The adjudication of citizenship is a judicial process and every person has every opportunity to prove his claim to citizenship, "said Reddy.

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