second consecutive consecration for the Lionesses

The champions of Africa remain on the throne. Like two years ago in Yaoundé, they beat Kenya in a particularly difficult final.

A high level meeting. A suspense sustained. A technical match. This is the show offered tonight in Cairo, by the finalists of the 2019 Volleyball Women's CAN.

An assumed domination

The Lionesses were able to make prevail the psychological force, after the defeat on the wire in group match against the same Kenya. They wanted to say that Cameroon is now the barometer of women's volleyball in Africa.
The Lionesses win the first two sets as in last Thursday's match against the same opponent. The scenario is also repeated for the third and fourth set, won by Kenya. The beginning of the 5e set follows this logic. Cameroon returns to 7 everywhere. Melee stops at 10 everywhere. Cameroon wins the final spring 16-14.

For the second time in a row, Cameroon won in Africa. The girls traveled with difficulty, but with lioness hearts, without any conditions, they are on the roof of Africa. They were already there. They stay there

A sweet CAN

Egypt has obviously been more favorable to volleyball players who have retained their title of champions.

They had received the blessing of the people at the handover of the flag to the captain at the gymnasium of the National School of Public Works of Yaoundé.
They have achieved the goal against a Kenya of the big days.

On an individual basis, some players were awarded for their performance during the ten days of the tournament. Individual distinctions aim
Best Reception: Christelle Nana TCHOUDJANG, best at the reception; the
best libero: Raissa Nasser, As for Leaticia MOMA, she is the
best attacker of the tournament. She was named Best Player of the Final.


🇨🇲 Vs 🇰🇪

25 (1) 17
25 (2) 27
25 (3) 23
23 (4) 25
16 (5) 14


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