British Minister of Foreign Affairs: Donald Trump used disrespectful expressions

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Prime Minister's candidate Jeremy Hunt met with Theresa May and the British ambassador in Washington.

According to British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, US President Donald Trump has used disrespectful expressions against British Prime Minister Theresa May in his Twitter announcement Tuesday on the British ambassador in Washington DC

Sir Kim Darroch, US Ambassador to Washington, in some of the telegrams criticized on the spot - that someone sent to the Sunday Mass Massage on Mail on Sunday - wrote, among other things, that the White House under the chairmanship of Trump worked in a unique way " ] is characterized by a "frenzied end" and the career of the president "Could end with a fierce end" .

Darroch believes it is unlikely that the Trump government will always be "much more normal, less functional, less unpredictable, less divided, less diplomatic, less daring" . Trump announced almost immediately that he was interrupting contact with the diplomat and, in an article published on Twitter on Tuesday, qualified the British ambassador of "very stupid dude"

"I do not know (British Ambassador), but I heard he was a foolish fool"

added the US president.
Trump also spoke about the Brexit talks, saying he had explained to Theresa May how to reach an agreement with the EU, but that May "Negotiated in his own stupid way" and failed,

The Minister of Foreign Affairs alongside the Ambassador

Jeremy Hunt said Tuesday, also in his response on the Twitter portal, "Friends talk to each other honestly" he is doing this: the comments of the US president to the head of the British government are "disrespectful and inappropriate" .

Hunt - in competition with his predecessor for the Theresa May office of the Conservative Party and the Boris Johnson government was a British Foreign Secretary. In an article published on Twitter on Tuesday, he drew the US president's attention to the sharing of US private diplomats. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, as British diplomats do with British Foreign Secretary

Jeremy Hunt said: He agrees with Trump that the United Kingdom and the United States are cultivating the largest alliance in history, but Allies must respect each other as Theresa May has always done against Trump .

Hunt adds that the British ambassadors are appointed by the British government and that

if he becomes British Prime Minister, stay in the United Kingdom.

A spokeswoman for the prime minister's office in Theresa May on Tuesday described the British ambassador in Washington as a respectful and respectful government official.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt announced that the government was investigating the leak of diplomatic telegrams the day before.

There was a history in the case

The two allied countries are not involved for the first time in the case of British diplomatic representation in Washington.

Donald Trump, from Great Britain. He received for the first time Nigel Farage, the flag bearer of the radical camp of the EU's anti-EU policy, and immediately

also provoked a serious diplomatic scandal with his message on Twitter as Farage's ambassador in Washington.

Downing Street at one point rejected it in a surprisingly ambitious statement, pointing out that Washington's ambassador had "no vacancies" and that the British ambassadors had been named "in principle" in London.

Trump Election Sir Kim Darroch was Britain's ambassador to Washington at the time and. After the outbreak of the current scandal, Nigel Farage was the only British politician to immediately demand Darroch's appeal.


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