Tour of Boubou Cissé in Mopti: The fear of new massacres!

If the man and his delegation wanted to reassure these martyred and disillusioned populations, the fact remains that the tenant of the prime minister would remain haunted by the horrors of the past and helped to eject Soumeylou Boubèye Maiga. Our radars were able to intercept Boubou Cissé's cry of heart with the new Governor of Mopti, General Abdoulaye Cissé.

According to our sources very close to the head of the government, the concern of the Prime Minister is very real. He reportedly told the regional chief of the executive that he would not want to be like the outgoing prime minister, Soumeylou Boubèye Maiga, who after every visit to the center, was increasing the death toll.

Boubou Cissé said he counted on the first representative of the state to put an end to this spiral of violence in this part of the country. Recall that even the head of state IBK had experienced worse, forced to return to collect hundreds of deaths in Koulongo, Ogossagou and Sobane-da.

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