without escort, Serge Espoir Matomba pays a visit to Fru Ndi in Bamenda

The first secretary of the United People for Social Renovation was this 4 July 2019 the host of the national president of Sdf.

Serge Hope Matomba in Bamenda the 4 last July and without escort. All a symbol at a time when the chief town of the North West region is the scene of various insecurity. Indeed, since the October 2018 presidential election, he is the first opposition political leader to walk on the ground in the city where John Ngu Foncha rests. This high-risk visit aimed to pinpoint the realities of the crisis, but above all to pay a well-deserved tribute to the leader of the sDFafter his double kidnapping.

Accompanied by a large delegation of the militants of his party, the first secretary of the Purs meant the full scope of his action: " I lent my support and comfort to the Chairman, just as I expressed my admiration for the courage he has shown since the beginning of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest. Unlike some leaders, traditional leaders, public or private employees who have abandoned their region or job, John Fru Ndi preferred to live the throes of what is now called "Anglophone crisis" in his stronghold, alongside the people "Says Serge Espoir Matomba.

Calm and serene, Fru Ndi narrated to the delegation of the Purs the act of barbarism that marked his arrest and the claims of his captors. " These young people soaked in drugs and alcohol claim until now, the departure of senators and deputies Sdf of the Cameroonian parliament "Launches this one. In this sad circumstance, the authority that leaves Fru Ndi has finally made its interlocutors listen to reason.

Meeting with the population

In the same vein, Serge Hope Matomba underlined the interest of this fighting spirit in which he himself fits, as well as the members of his political formation. For one of the thoughts conveyed within the party is that which ensures that each generation is subject to a mission and it is up to it to fill it or to betray it. For the First Secretary of the Purs, Neither John Fru Ndi has paved the way for the policy that the younger generation must draw upon and work for the well-being of the people. Subsequently, the first secretary of the Purs went down to places strongly discouraged, to discuss with the people. In these exchanges with the populations, Serge Hope Matomba measured the seriousness of the situation and the palpable fear in the neighborhoods, he took the opportunity to reiterate to the authorities, the importance of dialogue, essential means for the return to peace.

Armand-Rodolphe Djaleu

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