Doc: Avoid homeopathy as main cancer treatment - Nation

GOPENG: Cancer patients should not seek homeopathy as their main treatment method, says Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Lee Boon Chye (pic).

There is no evidence that homeopathy can treat cancer cure.

"They can only go for it as a supportive role.

"They should not do it, but they do not know it," he said.

Dr. Lee cited the case of a popular Hong Kong singer, 2019 iphone case who had cervical cancer, who sought such treatment and died. iphone case xs max

"With her wealth, she could have gone for the best treatment in the world," he added.

Homeopathy is an alternative medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself with natural substances from plants and minerals.

Dr. Lee encouraged people to go for regular checkups for cancer and that early detection would result in a higher chance of treatment and cure.

"If detected at Stage One, there is a high chance of cure with minimal treatment cost.

"It will be more complicated and more likely at Stage Three or Four," he said.

On the 12-year-old pupil from Pasir Gudang, iphone case online Johor who was diagnosed with myokymia, iphone case x Dr. Lee said there was no proof to link it with the toxic pollution incident at Sungai Kim Kim.

He said that he was born with a history of having a good deal of history.

"We know that myokymia is a disease that can be caused due to a brain tumor, brain infection or injury," he said.

"Despite its name, it has nothing to do with 'kimia' or chemistry. It's just a term for the condition, "he added.

It was reported that the boy was warded at the Ismail Hospital Sultan in Johor Baru after suffering breathing difficulties. Iphone Shell He was diagnosed with myokymia after being referred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The toxic pollution in Sungai Kim Kim in March affected by 4,000 residents in the Pasir Gudang area, leading to the temporary closure of 111 schools in Johor.

Dr. Lee also said there have been issues raised about the treatment for the boy.

"We are aware about it.