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This devilish mother lets her three-month-old baby freeze on the balcony to take revenge

The stories of divorce are not always simple, they can even be very complex, especially when the two people do not leave on good terms and that the separation is accompanied by settlements of accounts that can go far enough. And when the relationship gives rise to children, they are just suffering, as evidenced by this story relayed by our colleagues in the Sun.

Children who suffer the consequences of parental separation

It is wrong to believe that a child will never be able to recover from the breakup between his parents. iphone case xr However, when there is no other solution, separation is the only condition to put an end to troubles and tensions that were not positive.

Not all separations go well, and most do not end well, but when children are part of the equation, they often find themselves at the center of the conflict. And as there are situations where settling of accounts can last even beyond divorceChildren are caught in the crossfire and even used as weapons in what is more like a permanent battlefield than a welcoming family environment where peace, love and respect are supposed to reign.

Such dissensions are indeed capable of profoundly affecting the psychology of the child and consequently the adult person he is supposed to become later. It can also easily lose its bearings, especially with regard to education and basic moral principles. buy iphone cases online He suffers deeply because his age does not allow him to arbitrate or to judge who is right or who is wrong. He just needs to have two loving parents who prove to him that his happiness and well-being are what matters most to them.

Shocking photos taken by "a mother"

It is about photos taken by a Russian mother in her twenties, named Elizaveta Klimova and highlighting a girl of only 3 month left naked in a balcony freezing and dying cold.

The facts took place in a town in southwestern Russia called Balakovo. iphone case x The first person to have discovered these shocking photos was the father of the small, Aleksandr Potryasov, aged 28. iphone case xr She had intentionally sent him those pictures with this message:

"Look at her for the last time! I threw her in the balcony so she could get cold! She clearly put me out of me! "

He therefore decided to disclose these photos on social networks explaining that he had done this for the sole purpose of undoing his ex-wife parental custody rights she had until now. Iphone Shell After what she showed me, I'm very worried about what my girl could risk in his company.

"I'm anxious just to let her die of cold or to put her in the street. Says Aleksandr.

The baby who pays the price of a divorce

As some people wonder why the father does not take his daughter under his wing, he did not fail to say that if he was not able to take care of her, it's because he spent a lot of time at work.

Elisaveta, in publishing this frightening evidence that incriminated her, did not confess her wrongs, but instead claimed that her ex-husband had left her custody of the baby without any financial assistance. But the truth, according to several testimonies, is that she rather wanted to use her daughter to inflict psychological pain on her ex-partner.

Neighbors of the young woman provided information that the separation of the couple occurred shortly after the baby was born and that the relationship between the two partners has continued to worsen ever since.

A police investigation was also launched and confirmed the authenticity and relevance of the published photos, the latter would have been taken in October 2018, knowing that in Balakovo at this time of year, temperatures can drop to -20 ° C. 7 iphone case A check of the condition of the little girl could be made and revealed that she was in a stable condition. iphone case xs max Klimova, on the other hand, was charged with a breach of her parental duties and fined.