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Is the man in front or in profile? The answer gives information about your personality

The way we interpret images is not trivial. Often, it is symptomatic of unconscious paradigms related to our experience, our traumas and experiences. The Rorschach test is often used to gauge the personality of psychiatric patients. Thus, the subject's vision of observing ink tasks can be complex and reveal his way of grasping different aspects of his life. It is always interesting to have tracks that could tell us about our personality. Look at this picture: Do you see the man in profile or face?

Do not think and choose spontaneously. There are no good answers. Your way of interpreting the image will tell us more about your temperament. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments!

You saw it from the front

At first glance, you saw the man in the front photo. Here is the interpretation we can draw:

- You have no trouble approaching people. Very sociable and charismatic, you often make a good impression. You have the gift of convincing with a pleasant attitude and always well chosen words. You are open and never hesitate to take risks. Getting out of your comfort zone does not scare you, which is why you always manage to meet the challenges you face. You like to think of innovative ideas and implement them.

- Passionate, you prefer to live a life full of risks and twists leaving to sacrifice your comfort. You like to be in the limelight and to be admired by your peers. Fun with movement and challenges, you can not stand the sensation of stagnation. You have a horror of dependent people who constantly ask you. Animated by a constant desire for freedom, you like to free yourself from the codes and diktats of the society to lead an existence according to your values.

- Upbeat, you see an opportunity at the heart of every obstacle. This temperament inspires and makes you admired in your professional sphere. Your sense of leadership will bring you to federate the teams with a hand of master.

You saw him in profile

- Somewhat shy and reserved, you are careful to be careful to avoid unpleasant surprises. You do not like to feel caught off guard and tend to feel easily irritated. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy for you and you are comfortable with a routine tailored to your needs.

- Full and authentic, you prefer to devote your time to friends handpicked than worldly. Dedicated, you are self-sacrificing when it comes to helping a person in a situation of weakness. You have an amazing emotional intelligence. That's why you can easily gauge the intentions and emotions of those around you.

- Observer, you can easily take a step back to analyze a situation comprehensively. Your sensitivity sometimes makes you feel hurt, but your sense of resilience is increased. You can easily bounce back from adversity with your extraordinary intelligence.

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