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Astrology: 5 zodiac signs that have an oversized ego

Each of us has an attribute that distinguishes his personality from other people in his social circle. Indeed, some traits are more unpleasant than others and sometimes lead to extreme narcissistic tendencies. When self-esteem is completely disproportionate, these people become difficult to socialize, which sometimes leads to their isolation. Astrology has identified 5 with their zodiac sign. Discover them in this article.

The strangest thing when a person is narcissistic is that she is often the only one who does not realize it. Thus, she tends to believe that she holds infused science through abilities to sit on the roof of the world. Unfortunately, this also leads to contempt for others that is generally badly accepted.


It is well known that people native to this sign particularly love the sweet heat projectors. They can not bear to share glory with others and fight tooth and nail to stay in the center of attention. They can take a particularly harsh stance on potential competitors who can cross their path and oppose their victory. They think they are completely accomplished and being wrong is not part of their conception of things. They consider themselves to be at the top and no one can dethrone them.


They could well accompany the Lion on their quest for absolute narcissism. They lack confidence in themselves but do not usually show it in public. To hide their weaknesses, they tend to trample on feelings people around them, especially those likely to discover the flaws of their personality so hard and cold in appearance, but so soft inside. It is only their interest that counts and if it is necessary to get rid of their moral sense to achieve their purpose, they will not fail to do so.


If the natives of Aries are known to advance alone, it is because they do not have as many friends to accompany them or people who could support their tendency to be imbued with themselves. Indeed, they have a pretentious mania to crush anyone who can defy their interests. They are ambitious and if they have a vision for the future that is important to them, they will not be ready to make you a priority, even if they have a special affection for you.


Another attribute that adds to their macabre and dark side, excessive narcissism. Trampling others on their way to better shine is indeed the prerogative of the natives of this sign. They are strong, powerful and dominant but these qualifiers tend to plunge them into a narcissistic madness, grazing the madness of grandeur. They do not know humility and prefer to dominate by intimidation. This can cause them a lot of problems with their social circle, or even push people out of their lives.


When they are blamed for their narcissism and selfishness, Aquarians tend to believe that they are wrongly accused. They love to be worshiped and valued for the depth of their spirit and their artistic genius. If you do not praise the extraordinary people they think they are, you will undoubtedly end up attracting their wrath. Their response will usually be to denigrate or circulate rumors to damage your reputation.

For many people, narcissism is a crippling trait. Moreover, it could not symbolize a relation based on friendship, love or affection. If you want to get rid of them or you know people who are victims, advise them to take a step back to have a better vision of life. They will be able to face their potential in an objective way, either through deep introspection or through the advice of trusted people.

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