Tips: 10 very basic washing mistakes that damage your clothes and your washing machine

10 very basic washing mistakes that damage your clothes and your washing machine


June 21, 2019 16: 22 By Fabiosa

The majority of people do their laundry at least once a week. Nowadays, this process seems so simple that it can be compared to the preparation of the coffee: it is enough to throw soluble coffee powder (clothing), to add sugar (detergent) and to stir (press the button on). This is how you get a tasteless drink most of the time. The same goes for washing. If you want to keep an attractive look to your clothes, you need something more than just choosing the right fashion.

We have listed for you the most common 10 errors that damage your outfits and your loyal washing machine.

1. Not a minute of rest

It is a good idea to chain several washing without letting your washing machine cool down. This will use the heat from the previous cycle, which will reduce the electricity consumption.

2. Use a descaling agent

Do you only use powder? It's high time to stop doing this! Limestone is the main cause of scale formation in the washing machine. If you do not want the appliance to break down after a few years, clean it with vinegar from time to time.

Pour 9% vinegar into the compartment receiving the liquid detergent and carry out the longest possible wash cycle at the hottest possible temperature. Then start a "quick wash" to remove the remains of vinegar and tartar.

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3. Zip the clothes

The zippers must be closed before washing, so as not to damage the other clothes with their teeth. But at the same time, you must unbutton the clothes that otherwise may tear.

4. Do not rub the stains

Before putting clothes in the machine, we rub the stains, sometimes very intensely. Unless you want to find a hole in its place, it is better not to rub it. Take a piece of white cloth, pour a stain remover and dab until foam forms.

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5. In search of the second sock

Have you ever lost your socks? We will now reveal the secret of their destination. When the drum is well filled, they are pressed against the wall and slide in a small space between the rubber seal and the drum. To prevent this from happening, tie them together or use a special bag to wash small items.

Washing machines do eat socks and mote

Sock mystery explained

The mystery of the socks elucidated!

6. Wash swimsuits properly

Swimwear and other spandex or spandex clothing should be cleaned by hand only in cold water.

7. Too much detergent

If a garment is very dirty, it is not necessary to add powder. Even a small amount will suffice for the task. A lot of laundry means a lot of foam, which prevents quality cleaning.

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8. Tennis balls for laundry

If you decide to wash your down jacket after the winter, place two tennis balls with it in the drum, this will prevent the down to agglomerate. Make a good rinse.

9. Get a bag for washing small items

It is ideal for bras, underwear, socks and tights. Items will not warp and will not hang.

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10. Clean the machine

Remember to clean the removable detergent and softener compartments. Keep the door open after washing and allow the machine to dry.

These simple tips will help you keep your business and your washing machine in perfect condition. Plus, you'll save money, water and energy. Keep these washing tips for next time. By the way, do not forget to share this article with your friends!

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