Ivanka Trump made the top of the G20 that he was immediately scared

It was not easy for the US president's daughter this weekend. A relatively embarrassing video was made of him, then a series of memes, then his own sister-in-law spoke to him in an interview. After that, Ivanka Trump would probably like to spend the next few weeks on an uninhabited island.

Donald Trump The American president likes to be surrounded by people who, in their private life, have made the daughter of their advisor Ivanka Trump present everywhere. ] For example, at the G20 summit with the most important personalities of the world. At this summit, Ivanka Trump did something difficult to watch without being distracted by hell.

Initially, the following video was posted on Instagram by the French Presidency, showing that Ivanka Trump is trying to join a conversation. President of France, Emmanuel Macron Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada Theresa May The British Prime Minister and Christine Lagarde .

A bit like Ivanka Trump would have looked too much at the film version of from Bridget Jones and wanted to emulate this scene.


Trump was visibly mocking the Internet and wondering what he was looking for at this meeting, which was Jessica Ditto called the BuzzFeed to criticize the critics and said she did not understand why Ivanka Trump, the president's chief adviser, had to be attacked.

Let's say that Christine Lagarde's face says something completely different

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And those who immediately started making memes felt Ivanka . ( junk Ivanka ). In these images, Trump appears in a series of situations where he should not be there. It all began Erin Gloria Ryan who wrote on Twitter launched the hashtag Unwaised Ivanka because

had found it embarrassing, ridiculous and dangerous. his presence in the highest diplomatic spheres. And so it degenerated because a lot of people in the world agree.

Ivanka went under the flag of Ivo Jima

at the Yalta conference Stalin Churchill et from Roosevelt . The Big Four carving the postwar world. #unwantedinvanka pic.twitter.com/FoNoXwqyBe

- emergen.C.kitten (@EmergenKitten) the 2 July 2019

For the last shot

And everywhere it happened a little important thing

There were those who then asked in a tweet that someone take pictures of Ivanka Trump Beyonce's coaching at the Curie laboratory a painting on the birth of the American Constitution, or Big lies

a picture of when he was attending a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in the demilitarized zone between the two Korea, but that was actually done and Ivanka Trump himself described the case later in a surreal way

But not only is the Internet embarrassed by Ivanka Trump's presence in certain situations. It was a coincidence, but just after the G20 summit, an interview with with Karlie Kloss was published in British Vogue, which also deceived Trump, although he did so very gently. Kloss is best known for being a model, but as far as the current subject is concerned, he is not at all marginalized by Trump, Kloss's husband. Josh Kushner whose brother is Jared Kushner who is Ivanka He was married to Trump and is also advisor to US President Donald Trump. Despite this, Karlie Kloss remained a Democratic party backed by Hillary Clinton 2016 alone and has repeatedly criticized Trump's politics since the elections

. . If we do not know him, Kloss told me at least in his interview with Vogue in the UK that it is relatively difficult to handle the situation with minimal parents attached to the president:

I focus on common values ​​with my husband; liberal value in which I was raised and on which I lived my life so far


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