Nabi Issa Coulibaly: "In Burkina, La Poste is turning digital" -

The General Manager has been in office since August / 2017. © olympia de maismont for ja

By orchestrating the digitization of services to reach even more customers, the boss of La Poste Burkinabe, Nabi Issa Coulibaly, revolutionized the structure.

Waiting for power, running 2020, launch the postal banking business, Nabi Issa Coulibaly, 37 years, at the controls from Burkina Faso Post Office since 2017knows that the future of society is at the forefront of technology. "We missed two crossroads - one financial, the other mobile - of the revolution in business in Africa. Our products are threatened by banks and private money transfer operators. We must seize the opportunities of digital, "says Nabi Issa Coulibaly.

Graduate in actuarial finance by the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics of Rabat, theformer employee of Ecobank multiplies the projects to integrate digital. Objectives: to bring products closer to the customer and thus create more revenue.

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