Bepc 2019: A pastor of 52 years among the candidates

Among these thousands of students is a religious guide, pastor Behi Koffi, aged 52.

439.529 pupils of 3e classes, since Monday 17 June 2019, face the written examinations of the Brevet d'études du 1er cycle (Bepc). They compose in various subjects for the obtaining of this diploma which sanctions four (4) years of studies in the first cycle. Among these thousands of students, there is a religious guide, Pastor Behi Koffi, according to a teacher joined by telephone on the spot.

Age of 52, he is the senior pastor of the Evangelical Free Baptist Church of Tanda. Since Monday, the man of God, like "his children and grandchildren", takes place behind one of the banks of the modern High School of Tanda, to undergo the written tests. If at the beginning of the tests, he was the curiosity of high school, he is no longer since Thursday 20 June 2019, where he became familiar with the students in his class and in his exam center. At one of the questions of one of the examiners, the man of God answered by affirming that it is a challenge that he gave himself to obtain the Bepc at the age of 52 years. "If I get it, it will serve as a model for other old people and for the faithful who will also have the courage to face this examination, by composing as free candidates. And this, without embarrassment beside their children and grandchildren, "he replied to his supervisor. Pastor Behi Koffi also claims that he made the decision to sit for this exam in order to improve his knowledge. "Improving knowledge through diplomas helps a lot in understanding and explaining the spiritual thing," he said. The religious guide, who plans to embark on other challenges, does not stop there. After the Bepc, he intends to face, in a few years, the baccalaureate.