What is the Best VPN for Windows?

It is an undeniable fact that Windows is the most used operating system in the world. Windows is not only used in desktop computers but is also installed in the majority of private computers because of its simplicity and ease of use compared to other operating systems. This makes the Windows operating system a prime target for hackers and makes it more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Every year, we are witnessing an increasing number of cyberattacks, which require foolproof security in our systems to keep our data safe.

There are two types of security software available: antivirus and VPN (virtual private networks). The antivirus provides security features that protect your system from cyber attacks, but it's been realized that people have started to avoid installing antivirus in their systems because of the complexity of upgrading and sar limited compatibility. Here is the VPN that provides you with security and unlimited accessibility, allowing you not only to encrypt your data, but also to access restricted content in your home country. Because your location and identity are hidden using VPN, anonymous browsing and secure banking are great perks.

The software Windows VPN numbers and anonymizes all your online activity. This is important for P2P file sharing so your ISP can not spy on torrents and other downloads. It also protects you from unprotected public Wi-Fi networks and even unlocks websites and geo-locked services such as Netflix.

PureVPN, the oldest and most reputable VPN with more than two million satisfied users, provides a unique feature, such as the Internet Kill Switch, which guarantees the security of your connection, even if it is interrupted. PureVPN also provides a solution to common DNS leaks in Windows 10. A DNS leak occurs when a security vulnerability causes your device to transfer the DNS request to your ISP's DNS server instead of the DNS used by the VPN. PureVPN ensures that your DNS request is not transmitted to your ISP, which significantly reduces the risk of leakage.

In addition to some of the features described above, PureVPN provides a money back guarantee under 31 days, which means that after subscription, you will have 1 months to test and analyze PureVPN's services. If you are not satisfied, you can simply unsubscribe and get your money back. This increases the level of trust that PureVPN offers its customers, which is only possible if you do not compromise on quality and always give preference to your 24 / 7 customers without stopping.