Car rental for successful family holidays in Morocco

With the summer season just around the corner, it's only natural to start thinking about family vacations. While this may be a time of relaxation for some, parents know that travel requires a lot of planning and organization. If you have decided to go this year on holiday in Morocco, to avoid stress when you go to discover this new world, we suggest you rent a car. Here's why.

Access luxury without breaking the bank

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Even if your pennies are counted, that does not mean that you can not rent a car to take your family a few days by the sea to enjoy the waves, the sun and the salty air of Morocco. Indeed, this is the perfect opportunity to get behind the wheel of a high-end automobile that is otherwise inaccessible for financial reasons. If you book well in advance, you will probably find the rare pearl on websites like, which list the best offers on the market so you can make an informed choice. By comparing all competitors, these platforms allow you to detect reductions much faster and significantly reduce your search time.

Avoid breaking down in a deserted region

If you have had your car for several years now, you probably know that it is more likely to suffer mechanical trouble. It may be more prudent to rent a car rather than use your car and crash in the middle of nowhere, as on the road between Essaouira and Zaouiet Bouzarktoune for example! Although the two cities are only separated by a distance of 28 kilometers, no garage is located on the edge of the R301, the only road between the two cities. Moreover, as mentioned, most car rental companies also offer temporary insurance to their client in order to protect them in case of accident or mechanical trouble. It is recommended to provide such protection, because the franchise can sometimes exceed 20.000 dirhams in Morocco.

Escape from everyday life

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We spend a lot of hours in our car driving our kids! Renting a vehicle is a great way to change their routine and make your life easier, including choosing an SUV. According to, a liter of diesel costs on average 10 dirhams in Morocco, which should not come back more expensive than when you fill up in Cameroon. With more space in the car, you can install screens at the back of the vehicle to allow your children to watch a movie while you plan the rest of the trip with your spouse.

So, whether it's to offer you a little luxury, reduce your chances of being bored mechanically along the way, or simply to break the routine, renting a car is a great way to make sure you go from nice holidays in Morocco.