CAMEROON: NECROLOGY: GHISLAINE NADÈGE BEBOM CONSULTANT OF FOOTBALL IS DEAD has learned with regret, the death today in Yaounde, political capital of Cameroon Ghislaine Nadège Bebom, consultant and football analyst.

The former captain of the women's football team of Cameroon, died early on Sunday 09 June 2019, following a surgical operation in a clinic in the neighborhood Mvog - Atangana Mballa in Yaoundé the Cameroonian capital.

Iconoclast and enemy of the wood tongue, the former captain of the indomitable Lionesses, was known for his hard tone on television sets.

As we were finishing these lines, the body of Ghislaine Nadège Bebom, was being transported to the funeral parlor of Yaoundé General Hospital, Ngousso district.

A deep thought for his family. Our sincere condolences to all his friends and acquaintances. Ghislaine, we bow to your illustrious memory, and make allegiance to the life you have lived.

Goodbye Ghislaine!

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