The Elder Scrolls 6 will have a life of 10 years

The next installment of the saga The Elder Scrolls is highly anticipated by fans around the world, which is quite logical when you know the popularity of the license. And the title could occupy them very long.

With the success of the license The Elder Scrolls, it is not surprising that fans are impatient to try the next opus. Unfortunately, this one will not be available for a while. But at least it has been officially confirmed by Bethesda. And to reassure the players a little, it should offer a life quite amazing.

The Elder Scrolls 6 should offer 10 long years of play

When asked by IGN, Todd Howard of Bethesda revealed that the game is currently designed to be playable for 10 years, no less. This means that players should be able to enjoy it for years, even having it completed. "All we have done since Skyrim is a box. And the players love it, they play it again, it's infinitely playable, or almost, with all the mods and everything else. And we are 8 years after the release of Skyrim. This forces us to think of The Elder Scrolls 6 so that it is playable for a decade, at the very least."

To the delight of fans

Nothing too surprising, especially when you know how much Skyrim is still appreciated and played around the world. It must be said that mods allow the community to keep the game alive, both in terms of graphics and news. And not so long ago, Bethesda was launching a remastered version of Skyrim, something to boost its interest even more.

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