Squirrels, the first cause of damage to the air fiber

Even above ground, optical fiber is not immune to danger.

In one curious and informative articleDoug Dawson, president of an American consulting company for teleoperators, reports that the number one culprit in aerial fiber damage is the small rodent.

When the glans runs out

Specializing in these issues, he installs FTTH fiber or "fiber optics to the home" and expresses himself in full knowledge of the facts. He reports that small rodents mainly attack optical cables when their diet does not allow them to bite their teeth. Each year, the squirrel's teeth lengthen to 20 centimeters and they need to maintain them. When food runs out, they tackle the optical cables.

"Squirrels could primarily tackle optic cables over others because of the oil or materials used in their manufacture"He says. Solutions exist: strengthen the cable, install a dam on the electric pole or, as a last resort, install ultrasonic diffusers. Other culprits are also designated: rats, mice, but also raptors with cutting greenhouses, which by small cuts allow water to seep into the cable. There is no doubt that these problems are most often rural rather than urban.

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