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People who cry often are the most exceptional

The human being often expresses his sadness through tears, in response to anger, pain or frustration. However, it also happens that he can not help crying because of positive emotions, such as love and laughter. According to scientists, people who cry always have specific behaviors, which ones? Let's discover them!

The importance of tears

according to Robert Provine, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland, tears are a visual clue to improve our perception of facial expressions.

As part of his study, he divided pictures of crying individuals into two groups: one half remained intact while the other was altered to suppress the tears digitally. He then asked students, without revealing the change made, to assess the sadness of each of the faces, with and without tears. Through this experience and comparing the results obtained, Dr. Provine was able to note that once the tears were absent from the portraits, the facial expressions obtained were considered quite complex and ambiguous by the students, reflecting in particular the fear, worry and even astonishment.

Beyond the results of this study that shed light on the psychological action of crying and its link with our facial expressions, there is also a human dimension, a saving way that allows us to relieve our pain or to manifest our emotions the brightest, letting our tears flow.

In fact, crying also allows and above all to break free. Here are the many benefits that flow from it and that reflect that crying can also symbolize "positive" behavior:

1. You will be able to control and manage stress

Tears help you relieve yourself of stress and the sadness you feel. If you are one of those who can easily show their emotions, know that you are a person who can cope with any emotional disorder.

2. You are not afraid of your feelings

Crying is also a sign that you are not afraid of your feelings. Allowing you to feel free and cry is a sign that you accept your vulnerability and that you admit that you are a sensitive person. You are a strong person who has the courage to assume his emotions.

3. You do not know what others think of you

Are you one of the people who have the heart on their hands? If so, you are endowed with a remarkable personality because you are not afraid to reveal your goodness. To let your emotions show through is actually a proof of courage. You inspire those around you by pushing them to accept and be vulnerable. It's to your advantage, no matter what people say.

4. It makes you a better person and a best friend

In life, there will be unexpected situations, such as bad news, an accident or hardship, that will help you become a stronger person and build a stronger relationship with family and friends.

Thus, you are a shoulder you can cry on, but you can do the same if you feel dejected. You just have to relax your pain and open yourself to someone who can understand you and who will help you in turn.

5. It helps you to recover from negative feelings

Have you ever noticed that after crying, you no longer feel the same sadness? This is because crying helps you understand and manage emotions. Do not hesitate to let the tears flow. This will help you overcome your sadness. No matter what kind of anxiety you feel, crying will always make you feel better.

6. It brings a balance to your life

When you accept your emotionsyou are able to find a balance in your life. It's not just about harmonizing your professional, personal and social life, you also need to be able to balance your emotions and feelings.

If you often feel sad and desperate, or are still frustrated with unimportant details, consult your doctor for possible underlying health conditions.

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