Microsoft is working on a two-screen surface

Microsoft would work on a hybrid tablet project, "Centorus", a Dual Screen Dual Screen Surface, and an adapted Windows Lite.

According to recently gathered information, Microsoft is preparing to return to the forefront in terms of mobile devices. In any case, this is what suggests the sources reached to the public via the site of the American newspaper The Verge, which allude to Centaurus project from the firm of Redmond.

Centorus: Microsoft's Double-Screen Surface Project

This project, which in fact circulates rumors of corridors and raises questions in recent years, strongly suggests that the computer giant would be developing a new "Surface Dual Screen", a kind of two-screen tablet including the prototype would be kept secret.

According to internal sources, this Centorus project would cause a great deal of unrest within the firm, some of whose employees have queued up to see what seems to be the old project "Microsoft Courier", which says years previously had failed.

A Windows Lite for mobile

Despite the failures and difficulties faced by different manufacturers to develop the niche two-screen tablet Some have already taken some big steps to develop this concept. These include the Asus Zenbook Series, HP's Omen X 2S, Samsung's Galaxy Fold, Huawei's Mate X, Lenovo's ThinkPad X1, and 930 Yoga Book C.

In any case, this objective would be perfectly consistent with this will of Microsoft to develop a light version of Win 10. Named Windows Lite, this minimalist operating system based on a Core OS core and a Composable-Shell would be for mobile devices, including dual screens.

A video has even been broadcast, showing among others and partially the project Centorus. According to The Verge, Centorus is already well advanced in the last two years that Microsoft is working on it, and it is hoped that the product of this work will be unveiled in the next six months.

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