Association of students and students of Mali: Other spoiled children of the Republic

In recent days, some members of the Association of Pupils and Students of Mali (EMEA) keep getting noticed under the radar of criticism. After a brilliant victory in saving the Malian public school by linking the fate of these schools to all the other schools in Mali, the EMEA is dragging on slippery grounds.

What is certain and certain, without the EMEA, the state would not have put all these efforts to save the year. If only this association had not made the same fate all the schools in Mali, getting involved by the impediment of the courses in the other schools. This has further pushed authorities to take teachers' strikes seriously and save the school year.

Just after this victory, from which she received acclamations, the EMEA set on lands that tarnished her image. Initially, at the University of Law, in the private sector, it is said, the EMEA imposed a list in order to pass its members, even without being admitted to the examination. This practice is common in Malian faculties, have recognized more than one. This would have generated conflicts between this student office and the officials of the said college.

At the Faculty of Science and Technology (FAST) too, the EMEA is causing another desolation. It prevents the distribution of tablets offered by President IBK. According to our sources, the management wanted to distribute according to merit. This would necessarily pass through the validation of exams. And so, the management would have given the tablets to the most deserving students. But unfortunately ! the AEEM intervenes, imposes itself and proposes a list. As long as this list is not satisfied, no distribution. Which management has rejected in turn. On this, the exams and courses are held hostage because teachers fear for his safety. At the approach of the festival of Ramadan also, some members of this association would have slaughtered, cut up and carried the meat of an ox of their teachers. Justice would have been seized for this purpose.

Until when, this law of force will continue to reign in our faculties and universities? No doubt, the EMEA during these last ten years became for several analysts and sociologists, nests and hives of juvenile delinquency. The weapons arsenal device discovered after police searches and the various cases of murder, are evidence. Not to mention the other side of the iceberg in all this, the political hand behind it.

Appropriate solutions must be taken to save the EMEA from these bad seeds that give other missions to the EMEA that safeguard the interests and students and students of Mali.

Koureichy Cissé

Mali Tribune

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