A simple way to protect yourself from tick bites and other insects! And it works for animals too

May and July are reputed to be peaks of tick activity. And those who spend a lot of time outdoors have to find a way to protect themselves from the bites of these insects.

There are many creams and sprays available that are able to repel these insects. However, there is a simpler but no less effective way to solve this problem.

5 essential oils to repel insects

To protect yourself or your pets from tick bites, all you need is a lint roller and one of the following essential oils:

  1. Lemon oil is very effective at repelling ticks and fleas.
  2. Lavender oil is a real venom for many insects. Its smell is extremely unpleasant for ticks, mosquitoes and other flies.
  3. Spearmint oil is a natural repellent, very toxic to insects.
  4. Schisandra Chinensis oil has a strong citrus flavor and protects against ticks and fleas.
  5. Eucalyptus oil can be used alone or in combination with other oils.

So, before going for a walk, spread the selected essential oil carefully and evenly over the roller of the clothes brush. Then go over and over on your clothes.

That's all ! Now you can go hiking with peace of mind! You can also use this method to protect dogs and cats from ticks and fleas.

Warning : make sure that the essential oil that is concentrated does not come into contact with the skin. This can cause irritation.

This way, you can easily solve a frequent problem in the summer! Nothing stops you from enjoying nature anymore. If you liked this tip, share it with your friends!

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