Wandayant: This pastor says that all Christians watching Game Of Thrones will go to hell

Where are the Wanda Fan of Game of Thrones? According to a churchman, all the addicts to the most popular series of the world are on the sidelines of the divine word. On his Facebook page, the pastor has detailed the reasons why the HBO series will take you off course and take you right to hell.

Wanda Peeps, the pastor of Ghanaian nationality Victor Eghan was not caught by fever Game of Thrones. While thefinal season of the series is broadcast currently by the American chain HBO and holds millions of viewers in suspense, the churchman made a Wandayante outing on the web, explaining why Christians around the world should stop looking at it.

On his Facebook page, he claims that most scenes in the series are immoral and against biblical doctrines:

« Dear Game of Thrones fans (who call themselves Christians), please forgive me in advance. I am not a fan of GOT. I watched episodes a few years ago. But I found statistics and facts that might interest you.

Interesting statistics:

865 deaths

17 rapes (including attempted rapes)

144 scenes of naked people (including 83,7% of women)

Interesting facts :

In 2016, HBO was in a legal battle with the porn website, PornHub, about the site's use of explicit sex videos of GAME OF THRONES ...

According to PornHub data, the site has seen a drop in 4% of traffic (a drop of about 2,4 million visitors) during the 6 season of Game of Thrones last April. The site experienced similar drops in traffic over the next four weeks when new episodes were aired, suggesting that people are likely watching the show instead of watching pornographic content.

There are a lot of pornstars in Game Of Thrones. Jessica Jenson and Samantha Bentley both played prostitutes in the series. Australian amateur porn actress Aeryn Walker has also been chosen as one of Craster's many wives. And Sibel Kekilli, who played Shae has also starred in adult films in the past.

Dear Christians and Game of Thrones fans, is this the kind of content you want to fill your mind? What happened to Philippians 4 verse 8? [For the rest, brethren, that all that is honorable, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is kind, all that deserves approval, which is virtuous and worthy of praise, is the object of your thoughts] Is this the kind of thing you want your daughter or son to do? Rape, murder and immorality?

If you're so attached to Game of Thrones that you get mad at me, who do you love? GOD (GOD) or GOT ? One letter makes all the difference. And this change of letter can make a big difference when you are in front of GOD on Judgment Day He wrote.

So, Wanda People, in your opinion is the pastor right to warn you? Are his arguments well-founded? Tell us what you think.


SOURCE: https://www.jewanda-magazine.com/2019/05/wandayant-ce-pasteur-affirme-que-tous-les-chretiens-qui-regardent-game-of-thrones-iront-en-enfer/