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YouTube Premium was launched in June 2018 in France. For 11,99 euros per month, it provides access to various services and original content. Do they get this price?

YouTube announced the launch of its offers YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in France in June 2018. Almost a year later, the offer has become a little thicker: there are more films and original series available. Is it necessary to pay 11,99 euros per month to offer it? We take stock.

YouTube Premium, what is it?

YouTube Premium has replaced YouTube Redan offer that was proposed before June 2018. YouTube Premium access to a range of services and content.

Firstly there is YouTube Music Premium. This platform available on mobile and computer can listen to music without advertising, download his favorite clips on the dedicated mobile appor enjoy it in the background. On his phone, this means that the music does not turn off when trying to navigate to another application at the same time or when the device is locked.

In the offer, there is also YouTube Originals, a set of original films and series, or YouTube has bought the exclusive rights.

Screenshot of YouTube Originals // Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Finally, the offer includes useful features for viewing classic YouTube videos. You can also download content from the mobile application, watch it without advertising and in the background.

On a computer screen, we can let our video turn down on the left while searching for another video. // Source: YouTube screenshot

How much will it cost me exactly?

The offer costs 11,99 euros per month. If you're only interested in YouTube Music, you can only subscribe to this particular service. In this case, it will cost 9,99 euros per month.

A Family offer also exists, with 6 euros per month in addition to 11,99 from YouTube Premium. It allows you to group up to 6 individual YouTube accounts into one. This offer is actually quite limited, since it only applies, says YouTube, to people living in the same household. In a FAQYouTube says it's possible to connect with different Wi-Fi networks. To enjoy it with your friends, you will have to have the same billing address on your Google payment account.

The Family offer could possibly be useful to check from time to time the content that its children watch over 13 years - YouTube is forbidden to 13 years, unlike YouTube Kids - but it will only work if they are connected to their account when they watch videos.

YouTube occasionally offers a free month to YouTube Premium for testing. However, be careful not to forget to cancel at the end of this test if you want to stop: the payments are then taken automatically. To terminate, simply go to his subscriptions page by clicking this link. Then select " unsubscribe ».

What are films and series on YouTube Originals worth?

There are currently more than 100 original creatives on YouTube Premium. As a comparison, according to the CNC, Netflix in France offered 3 400 titles about in September 2018, Amazon Prime, 1 300.

YouTube Premium, however, has the advantage of sharing very YouTube-core. There are programs, series or films in which videographers play. There is for example Scare PewDiePiewhere PewDiePie plays to scare himself into playing his favorite games in real life ", A series on football animated by videographers F2Freestylers (9,4 million subscribers), or The Thinninga series of movies where Logan Paul plays the lead role. French side, we have in particular bellhop et The Emmereurs. The first series is produced by the group of videographers Studio Bagel and Jérôme Niel, the second by Golden Mustache.

The quality is overall good: we are surprised to see a Logan Paul rather good actor in a teen movie simple but effective action, and The Emmereurs turns out to be a catchy and well-crafted series.

Series are also clearly distinguished by their resemblance to a vlog (contraction between video and blog) YouTube. That of four episodes of 30 minutes in which we follow Ariana Grande daily falls into this category. It is original, well filmed, and worth the detour - provided not to be irritated by the fact that YouTube has censored the big words in his songs. There are other series or films about singers or bands, like the mythical South Korean boyband BTS.

Other content on YouTube Originals is a bit more disappointing. We do not take off clearly with the series Impulsein which a young woman discovers supernatural powers overnight, bellhop also leaves us on our end, and one wonders clearly about the meaning of the humorous series overthinking. The scenario is original, but it quickly turns out very annoying, even a bit embarrassing. That turns out well : in March, YouTube announced that it would stop producing this seriesas well as a science fiction series named Origin.

YouTube also evoked the creation of interactive series in Aprilbut we do not know if they will be reserved for Premium subscribers.

We quickly go around the Originals section

Overall, we quickly go around the Originals section. YouTube culture fans (prominent videographers or platform-specific formats) will appreciate it. Those who love teen movie or action films can also find series or films rather appreciable. The others will go their way.

All these series and films obviously do not contain advertising. By 2020, YouTube will make free series for everyone, including non-YouTube Premium subscribers. Please note that all contents are in original version. French subtitles that are of good quality are active in the settings at the bottom right of the video.

Do downloaded videos work everywhere, even without a connection?

Downloaded videos (thanks to the button download present under the videos in the YouTube or YouTube Music application) are available in the tab " Library "Then" downloads ". They stay there indefinitely, and will only be automatically deleted if you do not connect to the Internet from your home country for 30 days in a row.

This feature is very convenient in some places, for example in the plane or the train. It is also useful if you travel a lot and you will not have access to Wi-Fi during your stay, because it avoids consuming all its cellular data. Finally, if you are a fan of music but do not capture very well on your journey home-office, know that you can save entire playlists.

In addition, the videos or music that you have downloaded are normally available offline, unless the creators have decided to ban them in the country where you are. You can also choose their level of quality, as can be seen here:

Do video artists get money even if I have no more ads?

Supporting your favorite videographers is important to you and you are worried that the lack of ads on YouTube Premium penalizes them? According to YouTube, the premium program would be virtuous, in the sense that the videographers who participated in Originals creations would have seen their number of views increase.

However, the company does not communicate details of the remuneration given to videographers as compensation for the lack of advertising. Many youtubers explained on Twitter that they make more money with YouTube Premium than advertising.

This may be due to the fact that without a premium subscription, many users use ad blockers. Subscribe allows, explained Siphano on Twitterof " no longer having ads without handicapping creators ».

The revenues generated directly by these biases represent in any case only a small part of what the creators earn. Sponsored partnerships or videos report more.

So, I subscribe or not?

I take this subscription if:

  • I travel a lot or I would like to have videos or music available offline in the subway or plane;
  • I listen to a lot of music on YouTube on my phone and I would like to be able to see other apps at the same time;
  • I am a fan of youtubers present in Originals content, or Ariana Grande (a free month will suffice to view the series);
  • I do not want ads, but I want to continue supporting my favorite videographers.

I go my way if:

  • I'm mostly interested in movies and series and I see in YouTube Premium a kind of second Netflix
  • Originals interest me but I only watch French versions and I hate subtitles
  • I do not spend too much time on YouTube, let alone on my phone: a lot of features are really useful or accessible only on mobile or tablet
  • I'm using a blocker of unscrupulous ads (disable it anyway on

Article originally published on 20 January 2019

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