Social networks: an ex-executive LREM weighs on the presidential

According to this source said at "20Minutes", the majority party resorted to "anonymous accounts" on social networks during the last presidential campaign.

What seemed to be emerging in recent months, particularly through the Benalla affair, seems to be true: the ethics in force in politics does not take place on social networks. At least not within The Republic in March. This is what reveals, this Wednesday 15 May, an article of 20Minutes devoted to new online campaign strategies ».

"It's part of the game"

The daily explains that anonymous militant accounts are legion within political parties, testimony of a former LREM executive in support: " We created anonymous accounts during the presidential He says, adding: " A personality or a party is a brand image. When Internet users 'lambda' attack them, we will not lower to respond with an institutional account. These anonymous militant accounts, it allows to do this job of response. »

Tristan Mendes France, a teacher at Celsa specializing in new digital uses, told the newspaper: " When a campaign team creates anonymous ad-hoc accounts led by people in coordination with campaign team members without specifying it anywhere is morally wrong. In an election period when we speak, we have to say where we are talking ". The former leader of the majority party, justifies the practice: " That's right, but it's like that, it's part of the game ».

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