Lisieux: "Au Marmiton", a new restaurant on the commercial area

"Au Marmiton" is the name of the new restaurant that opened Monday 13 May 2019 on the commercial area, in front of the exhibition center of Lisieux (Calvados).

atiana Fauvellière, Perrine Gaspard, Sonia Bontemps and Jonathan Michel, from the restaurant "Au Marmiton" in Lisieux (Calvados). (© The Pays d'Auge)

It's Monday 13 May 2019 that the restaurant "Au Marmiton" received its first clients rue Édouard Branly, just in front of the exhibition center of Lisieux (Calvados).

Locals, who previously hosted "Red Frame" and "Red Pepper", have undergone some work and "a good refresh".

11 years in Pont-l'Evêque

At the head of this project: Sonia Bontemps and Jonathan Michelwho managed during 11 years the bar-brasserie Le Normandie, in the center of Pont-Eveque (Calvados):

"We are not franchisees, we are independent," said Sonia Bontemps.

They are accompanied by Tatiana Fauvelliere in the kitchen and Perrine Gaspard indoors.

All-you-can-eat buffets and daily specials

Every midday, from Monday to Friday, they propose a formula to 13,50 € with a buffet of starters and desserts at willet three dishes of the daywith usually two meats and a fish.

Jonathan Michel, charcutier-cook-caterer and disciple of Escoffierwants to do "traditional cuisine, grandma way, all homemade".

140 covered

"There is not a big menu, they are simple things and do it here," says Sonia Bontemps: pâtés, terrines, mixed salads, meat, fish, egg creams, mousses and chocolates, and many other flavors. On the menu.

All, served quickly. The restaurant has more than 140 places.

Rue Edouard Branly in Lisieux (Calvados). Open Monday to Friday from 11 h 30 to 14 h. Contact: 02 31 48 91 74.

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